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DOT Grand Cayman Island Xmas 1995

DOT Cozumel February 1996

DOT Flower Gardens Texas/Louisiana Coast March 1996

DOT Guanaja, Bay Islands, Honduras June 1996

DOT Pompano Beach, FL July 1996

DOT Lake Travis as of last visit (June 20 1998)

DOT Cozumel February 1996

DOT Boynton Beach July 1997

DOT Boynton Beach September 1997

DOT Providenciales BWI January 1997

DOT Cozumel April 1998

DOT Boynton Beach May 1998 - DM for a Week

DOT Cozumel Nov 11-15 1998

DOT Cozumel Feb 12-15 1999 - In Search of Housing

DOT Cozumel June 18-25 1999 - The 1999 NEDFest

DOT Boynton Beach September 11-18 1999 - A Close Encounter with a Hurricane

DOT Cozumel October 8-11 1999 - Piles of Rubble at Quetzal

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