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Beautifully Made Costumes

I can send you bandanas that are great for any kind of sports, such as SCUBA, skiing, etc. They keep the sun off your scalp (in case of thinning hair); longer hair out of your eyes; plus they're cool!! (Want to See?)

They are specially cut larger so they fit any size head, and differently from ordinary bandanas so they can be tightened to stay on better during sports, even underwater.

You can choose different patterns, such as marine motif, US flag motif, tie-dye, or anything you like. I can also make them with a special logo, like the name of a dive shop (although they're more expensive if I paint a logo on for you.)

The cost is $12 each, including tax and shipping. (Logo bandanas will be more, depending on how many you order.) I can be reached at DOT or at (214) 327-0775.

You can also order a custom-made historical costume from Beautifully Made Costumes. I'll do the research and design a gorgeous outfit for you. It could be for a Renaissance Fair, a Victorian event, anything you need. Here are some samples:


DOT A Victorian Lady

DOT The Mad Hatter

DOT St. Nicholas (the Bishop, not Santa Claus)

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